Nth Moto Uses Infinity ECU to Tune Drag-Prepped Dodge Viper to 1,323 HP!

For those of you who haven’t heard of them (yet), Nth Moto is a premier tuner based in Minnesota that caters to supercar, exotic and racecar building, tuning and fabrication. Nth Moto used the Infinity-10 ECU to tune a Dodge Viper to 1323.6 wheel horsepower on 93 octane pump fuel without any additives, nitrous, or methanol injection. This was done using Nth Motos hand-fabricated twin turbo system with all stainless steel construction including 5-1 tubular headers, TiAL Sport turbochargers and components, and Nth Motos air/water intercooler system with full billet air end tanks designed in house using CFD feedback.

Nth Moto's Infinity ECU-Tuned 1323 HP Dodge Viper

Aaron at Nth Moto gave us a rundown of the parts list and features used on the Infinity:
Parts List:

- AEM Infnity-10 ECU
- AEM smart coils
- AEM stainless pressure sensors
- AEM temperature sensors
- AEM 12 position trim pots
- AEM boost control solenoid
- AEM wideband O2 sensors

Infinity functions being utilized:

- 10 cylinder sequential fuel and spark
- Gear and time based boost control with driver adjustable trims
- Wheel speed based traction control with driver adjustable sensitivity
- 2-step with adjustable launch boost control
- Shift cut with no-lift shifting
- Gear position based shift light
- Gear position counting using analog sensor
- Oil pressure monitoring with low oil pressure protection
- Fuel pressure monitoring with low fuel pressure protection
- Dual wideband O2 monitoring with lean protection
- Exhaust backpressure monitoring
- Crankcase pressure monitoring
- Oil temperature monitoring

Awesome job Nth Moto, and we can’t wait for the results of your next build!

Godspeed Project ’96 Nissan 240SX Takes 1st Place in Modified RWD at Time Attack!

This past weekend (October 19th, 2014), Jason Lee and the guys at Godspeed had their first Time Attack event of the year. They entered their’96 Nissan 240sx (S14), equipped with an AEM Series 2 EMS and AEM sensors, in Modified Rear Wheel Drive class. The event was hosted by Global Time Attack with Shift-S3ctor. Saturday marked the last of four rounds for the 2013 Pro-Am season. The final 4th round was held at Willow Spring International Raceway. After careful section theydetermined that Clint Boisdeau would be their driver due to his record breaking background and his ability to quickly adapt to new vehicles.

Since this was the first time their vehicle drove on a road course, they ran into a few bugs that we fixed throughout the day. For a majority of the event, they were in 3rd place. Finally, they figured out all of the issues and Clint B. piloted the car to 1st place with a time of 1:32.569.

It’s impressive that their car was able to bring home Gold their first time out. Furthermore, they were allowed to use stickier Race Compounds which would yield a faster time, but they only had Street Tires.

Great job Godspeed Racing! AEM is very excited to see what is next!

Shift Sector race report

LSXtv does feature on AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger at SEMA 2013!

AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger With OBD II Capability

If you’re building a stout street car and want to monitor all of your engine’s sensors, AEM’s AQ-1 data logger is exactly what you’re looking for. The AQ-1 is very easy to install and can read live parameters from ancillary sensors, AEMnet enabled devices, GPS, and much more.

Being able to log at up to 1000HZ per channel onto a removable SD card, there is virtually unlimited logging. Also included in the AQ-1 is an internal 3-axis accelerometer, RS-232 serial input for an NMEA GPS device, three switched digital inputs with 16.5V MAX, and more.

What’s great about the AQ-1 is that it is now offered in an OBD II variant, meaning you can just plug it in to the port and start data logging right away. This is awesome because even the most novice of car enthusiast can learn more about what the car’s engine is doing without having to install auxiliary sensors, though the system has provisions for an additional 8 sensors in addition to the AEMnet capability.

The newly redesigned AEM Water/Methanol Injection Controller is great because it is much more user friendly. For gasoline engines, the boost limitation is now up to 35 psi. “With the Multi-input controller, you can use an external MAP, MAF, or IDC sensor to trigger on a high compression, naturally aspirated engine,” stated AEM’s Lawson Mollica. “Additionally one can also run over 35 psi with an external MAP sensor on the multi-input controller.” Some other great features include turn-resistant knobs, a terminated wiring harness with positive lock connector for ease of installation, an integrated fuse, and a new reliable conductive low fluid sensor.

Tanner Foust earns rallycross podium in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (November 8, 2013) – AEM sponsored driver Tanner Foust scored his fourth Global Rallycross podium of the year at an exciting season finale held under the lights of the Las Vegas strip on Thursday evening.

It was a strong event from start to finish for the two-time Global Rallycross champion, with Foust taking the top qualifying spot and winning both of his heats en route to the action-packed Final. Tanner uses an AEM water/methanol injection kit in his car to spray the intercooler to reduce air inlet temps for detonation control and more reliable power.

But in the Final, where gaining the hole-shot through the first corner is key to success, Foust took a gamble on the start lights and leapt off the line a fraction of a second too soon.

“I was trying to time the light off the start,” said Foust. “It always looks like a huge jump start when you’re a car length ahead going through the first corner and I thought I had it.”

Officials disagreed, ruling after repeated tape reviews that Foust had made a false start. He was black flagged and directed to serve a stop-and-go penalty mid-race that cost him a chance at the win.

“I served the fastest stop-and-go penalty I could and when I got back out on the course I landed in the middle of a war zone,” said Foust. “I wasn’t sure what position I was in but there were a lot of cars to fight through.”

The driver climbed back through the pack to chase down longtime rival Travis Pastrana, overtaking him for second place. But there weren’t enough laps left for Foust to reel in leader Ken Block. The second-place result was enough to secure Foust the runner-up position in the 2013 championship.

“Even with the penalty I’m happy,” said Foust. “It was a great couple of days for my team and to have Ford take the top-three spots in the championship is a season for all of us to be proud of. Thanks to the hard work of my team and the support of my sponsors and fans, it has been an incredible year.”

All three drivers on the podium are familiar faces to fans of action motorsport. Foust, along with Block and Pastrana, have been jostling for podium positions since car racing debuted at X Games in 2006. All three are longtime competitors who first met each other on the American stage rally circuit nearly a decade ago.

The finale of the nine-round championship in Sin City saw the realization of the young series’ potential. A standing-room-only crowd roared enthusiastically for the non-stop racing action at a temporary circuit built against the spectacular backdrop of the city’s famed Las Vegas strip. The event, held in conjunction with the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show, played host to many top players in the automotive industry.

“The series obviously has some good momentum and I’m excited to see the sport grow,” said Foust. “The announcement of a new series title sponsor for next season, as well as the involvement of traditional motorsport supporters like Napa Chassis — who joined my team this week — shows the strength and authenticity of the sport of rallycross.”

Rallycross is a blend of circuit racing, off-road racing and rally competition. It promises intense crowd-pleasing action in a fan-friendly track environment. As many as 10 drivers line up to start at once, piloting high-horsepower compact cars through race traffic over a challenging short course that features jumps, unbanked turns, hills and transitions between pavement and gravel.

A 2014 championship calendar announcement is expected from the series in the coming weeks.

Youngblood’s Hot Rods sets new World Record in El Mirage, CA

Following the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada, “Hot Rod” Ali and Youngblood’s Hot Rods went to El Mirage, CA in the quest of setting a new land speed racing record with their silver race car. The roadster is equipped with an AEM Series 2 EMS. The record in the G/BSTR class at El Mirage was 146.573mph. After a successful rookie run, they turned Ali loose to go for the record and on the second day she set a new world record at 161.339mph. This makes 4 current world records for Ali.

AEM Series 2 EMS tuned Bonneville Land Speed Record G/BSTR 161.339 MPH

WRRT's Series 2 EMS-tuned record setting Land Speed Roadster

'Hot Rod' Ali next to her AEM-tuned LSR Record Setting Roadster

The team also debuted its purple roadster at SEMA 2013, which was built in conjunction with Brookville Roadster as a multi-motorsport crossover roadster packing a 2JZGTE engine controlled by a AEM Series 2 EMS.

Series 2 EMS in Youngblood's Hot Rods & Brookville Roadster project

Congratulations to “Hot Rod” Ali and the WRRT race team on your recent success! AEM is excited for your future!

Jake Gavio and the Tim Grey Racing Team set national records at the Imports vs. Domestics/ World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway

Jake Gavio and Tim Grey had a huge weekend at the Imports vs. Domestics/ World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway. The event drew a HUGE crowd due to weather conditions conducive for record breaking runs and the fact that imports clash head to head with their domestic counterparts in their respective classes. It made for a great show for the fans and even better racing for the team.

Jake had been chasing the elusive 9 second all motor pass since the end of 2011 and he knew that the car he was driving had the potential to do it.

They battled rain on Friday, the first day of the event. Nobody was able to make their 1st or 2nd qualifier because of it.

On Saturday, they were slated to have their final 2 qualifiers. Jake came out and ran a 9.95 @ 137 and Tim went 10.13 @ 134 on their first qualifying attempts. He had finally hit his goal of running a 9 second pass in competition and the entire team was ecstatic. Unfortunately rain came in again on Saturday night so the final qualifier was pushed to Sunday morning.

Jake had one final qualifying attempt at 9 am on Sunday morning before eliminations started later that afternoon and managed to improve even further with a 9.879 @ 139, which at the time, was the quickest pass in all-motor history and secured the #1 qualifier spot.

After a long wait, the team was finally ready for 1st round eliminations later Sunday evening. Jake’s first round opponent was a low 10 second Mustang, so he knew he had to be on his game.

The track still had some heat in it and the temperatures were quickly dropping. If there was any time to lean on the car as much as possible, it was now, and it did not dissapoint. Jake crossed the traps with a 9.74 @ 138.8 MPH, setting a new national record!

The 2nd round had Jake facing off against another mustang. Jake pushed it a little too hard in this round and ended up spinning the tires very badly on launch. Luckily, he was able to make it up on the back end and take the win.

The team had a few more rounds of racing and Jake ended up in the finals vs. Marc Podkowic. Marc had been running 9.8s all day so we knew it would be a great race. Both Final Competitors run AEM’s Series 2 EMS, AQ-1 Data Logger, AEM sensors and AEM Wideband UEGO controllers–no wonder they were both in the finals.

Jake left first and was able to maintain the lead all the way. He won with a 9.75 @ 139 to Marc’s 9.87 @ 137!

Jake and his team are currently in the process of converting their car over to AEM’s Infinity ECU. They are very confident that this addition will benefit their race times in the near future.

The Winner's Circle
Image from The Sauce Spot.

Trevor Holland Sets a Personal Best in Seattle

Trevor Holland of Holland Performance set a new personal best in Seattle with a Series 2 Plug & Play Programmable EMS in his 1G Eclipse. Check out the video of his 8-second pass below. Congratulations Trevor!

AEM Spurs Extensive Car Transformations for Team ShaZam!

This past month, AEM agreed to sponsor Team ShaZam and their Bonneville racing car. ShaZam Racing writes in their monthly newsletter:

“The big milestones this past month were getting the engine re-installed, getting a new exhaust pipe fitted (larger diameter and sans mufflers and catalytic converters) and getting her dropped off at Engine Logics to begin the critical re-wiring and tuning work. We received a sponsorship from AEM Performance Electronics for their engine control unit (computer), which precipitated all these moves. Dang.”

AEM is psyched to become the new major sponsors for Team Shazam and we want to see this car up and running again! The newly installed ECU along with the use of AEM’s software will help optimize the motor’s performance. We are looking forward to the future with Team ShaZam!

AEM Electonics Shows Their Support for Classic Cars at Chicago Vintage Mustang Club’s Seventh Annual Trackside Mustang & All Ford Car Show

For the seventh year in a row, Chicago Vintage Mustang Club held their Trackside Mustang & All Ford Car Show. Classic and late model Ford owners from all over the United States showed up at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois to show off their vintage and current muscle cars. This show has become a popular treat in the Chicago area, allowing every person who enters the show to drive their car on the track during the lunchtime parade laps.

AEM Electronics showed its support for this large grassroots domestic car event, providing prizes for participants and AEM Electronics decals, t-shirts, and product information for CVMC’s goody bags. It was without a doubt a memorable Sunday in Joliet.

Cars Take Lap Around Autobahn

Team Bisimoto’s Hectic Past Few Weeks

Bisimoto updated us on their incredibly busy past few weeks, and busy they were indeed. On August 31st, Bisi had the honor to attend one of the most populated “Cars and Coffee, Irvine” events ever. With hundreds of exotics including a multitude of Bugatti Veyrons, it was the C&C event of the year.

On Wednesday, September 4th, Team Bisimoto attended the Mc Subaru meet in Norwalk, Ca. This meet consisted of a variety of flat 4 and flat 6 Subaru and Porsche enthusiasts, at a one of the oldest McDonald’s restaurants in the US.

On September 8th, Team Bisimoto participated in the prestigious “Platinum Motorsports QuickStrike” Exotic car run from West Los Angeles to Crystal Cove in Newport Beach. This celebrity infused car run also provides the perfect venue to sell product, and network with high end car enthusiasts, while influencing social networks, worldwide.

The 14th of this month was the date for the “So Cal Euro” meet at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. This event was chock full of European sports and luxury cars, from BMWs and Porsches to Lamborghini and Bentley automobiles. Bisi’s Blue twin turbo 911, equipped with an AEM Series 2 EMS, AEM Sensors, and AEM Wideband Air Fuel System, as well as their AWD 3.6L 911 cars felt right at home here.

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