AEM Releases CAN-based GPS Module!


AEM Releases CAN-based GPS Module!

AEM GPS Module is affordable option for adding speedometer, creating track maps and viewing lap times

Hawthorne, CA—AEM has released an affordable CAN-based GPS Module (PN 30-2207) that allows CD-7 Digital Dash users to quickly add track mapping for viewing lap times, vehicle speed and an odometer function. GPS data is transmitted via AEMnet CAN bus through a one plug connection for fast installation – it’s virtually plug and play. This unit is perfect for CD-7 users who want to display vehicle speed and view lap times but are not logging their data channels. Competition vehicles that are logging vehicle speed, vehicle position and 3-axis accelerometer data should use AEM’s Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM, PN 30-2206).

AEM GPS Module Features:

  • View vehicle speed, latitude longitude, altitude, course and satellite count
  • AEMnet (CAN 2.0) one-plug connection for fast, easy installation
  • View lap times on CD-7 Digital Dash
  • Create track maps
  • Can be used to drive an odometer feature
  • UTC date and time
  • 5Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Low profile, water-resistant enclosure

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