CD Carbon Digital Dash Point-of-Purchase Displays


Attention Resellers – Put the CD Carbon Displays to Work!

AEM Creates Interactive Point-of-Presentation Displays for CD Carbon Digital Dashes

Hawthorne, CA— Put These POP Displays on Your Counter and Let the CD Carbon Sell Itself! By popular demand, we have created CD Carbon Digital Dash Point-of-Purchase displays (PN AEM –POP-CD5, AEM –POP-CD7) that bring the dashes to life for potential customers. They include an integrated CAN Module that is pre-programmed to interface with the displays and cycle through multiple pages and layouts, highlighting its customization capabilities, warnings, alarms, LEDs, lap timing capability and more. Contact AEM, or an authorized distributor for more information or to purchase one.

About AEM

AEM Performance Electronics designs, manufactures and assembles programmable engine management systems, digital dash displays, CAN bus expansion modules, data loggers, wideband Lambda/AFR controllers, water/methanol injection systems, performance gauges, boost controllers, ignition components, fuel delivery components and adjustable cam gears at its headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. Our products are used by both professional and sportsman racing teams in multiple forms of Motorsports worldwide, and we are proud to be the chosen ECU for FIA RX2 and the SCCA Trans Am TA2 series. Whether your customers race on pavement, dirt, snow or water, our products will help them outperform the competition.