Plug-In 12V Power for AEM CD Carbon Digital Dash Displays!


Plug-In 12V Power for AEM CD Carbon Digital Dash Displays!

12V AEMnet Power Cable Simplifies Dash Install – Enhances Track Day Dash Portability

Hawthorne, CA— AEM CD Carbon Digital Dashes are becoming the hottest track day digital displays available thanks to their combination of daylight readability, robust internal data logging, internal GPS for lap timing/track mapping, and OBDII CAN bus connectivity that allows them to communicate with stock/reflashed ECUs on 2008-up vehicles. Now, AEM has made the installation process even easier with the release of its 12V AEMnet Power Cable (PN 30-2227) that powers a CD-5 or CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Display from a common automotive 12V outlet!

The 12V AEMnet Power Adapter Cable provides switched power to CD Carbon Digital Dashes from a vehicle’s standard 12V vehicle outlet. This cable simplifies sourcing switched power for track day enthusiasts who want to remove their CD Carbon dash when not at the track, or for users who do not want to splice into a switched power source to power their CD Carbon dash.


If you have a 2008-up track car you can combine a CD Carbon Digital Dash with an OBDII CAN Adapter Cable (PN 30-2217) to receive channels from the stock ECU, a 12V AEMnet Power Cable and a CD Carbon Ram Mounts®-ready Adapter Bracket (PN 30-5545 CD-5, PN 30-5546 CD-7), and install a race-ready CD Carbon dash in just a few minutes! If your stock-ECU vehicle is pre-2008, we also make 6-Channel and 22 Channel CAN sensor Modules for getting channels to your dash, and the CD Carbon dashes are tested to work with over 250 CAN-based ECUs, loggers and devices, both AEM and non-AEM!


  • Simplify the power connection for CD Carbon Digital Dash Displays!
  • Ultimate track-day dash accessory – easily install and uninstall dash
  • 12v Male charging plug with 4-way DTM-style interface connector for connecting to AEMnet-harnessed devices
  • Integrated LED On/Off switch
  • Automotive-grade mesh sleeve protects the wiring