CD-7 Digital Dash Review by HP Academy | AEM

CD-7 Digital Dash Review by HP Academy

CD-7 Digital Dash Review by HP Academy

The experts at HP Academy review the CD-7 Digital

Racing Dash Display! HP Academy is a worldwide online training resource for people who are serious about understanding the fundamentals and advanced techniques of controlling modern EFI engines with advanced programmable engine management systems. They also cover topics to ensure the greatest chance of success, including hard parts evaluation, engine building fundamentals, engine theory and more.

CD-5 Carbon and CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Displays have a lightweight, tough carbon fiber-composite enclosure and feature optional logging and integrated GPS! Both digital displays have a ton of features packed into vibrant, 5- and 7-inch screens. They play well with other CAN-based devices including 08-up stock ECUs and over 250 popular CAN-based ECUs, loggers, and devices (both AEM and non-AEM alike). No matter which one you choose, you can See Everything with a CD Carbon Digital Dash Display.

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