AEM Validates 52 More 3rd Party Devices to Communicate with CD-7 Digital Dash CAN bus!


AEM Validates 52 More 3rd Party Devices to Communicate with CD-7 Digital Dash CAN bus!


Hawthorne, CA—AEM has hardware-validated 52 new 3rd party devices that will communicate with the CD-7 Digital Dash Display, including ECUs from FAST, Holley and MoTec (Hundred Series), MSD Grid system, Racepak data loggers and individual Racepak V-Net modules. A list of newly validated applications is below, and a complete list of the 77 validated 3rd party applications is available on the company’s website (click the “Supported Apps” tab on the CD-7 Dash page).

3rd Party ECUs with Validated CAN bus Comms to AEM CD-7 Digital Dash

  • FAST XFI 2.0 ECU
  • Holley Dominator EFI ECU
  • Holley HP EFI ECU
  • MoTec M400 ECU
  • MoTec M600 ECU
  • MoTec M800 ECU
  • MoTec M880 ECU
  • MoTec M84 ECU
  • Haltech Elite 550 ECU
  • Haltech Elite 750 ECU
  • Haltech Elite 1000 ECU
  • Haltech Elite 2000 ECU
  • KMS MD35 ECU
  • Life Racing F42 ECU
  • Life Racing F88 ECU
  • Life Racing F90 ECU
  • Life Racing GDI Series ECU
  • Syvecs S6 ECU
  • Syvecs S6+ ECU
  • Syvecs S6I ECU
  • Syvecs S8 ECU
  • Syvecs SDI ECU
  • Syvecs S12 ECU

3rd Party Loggers, PDMs & CAN Expanders with Validated CAN Comms to AEM CD-7 Digital Dash

  • Bosch 2 Axis Accelerometer and Yaw Sensor
  • Racepak V-Net Air Temp sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net Exhaust Temp sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net IR Brake Temp sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net IR Tire Temp sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net Laser Ride Height sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net Oil/Trans/Diff Temp sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net Pressure sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net Thermocouple sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net USM - 4 Ch Analog Universal sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net Water Temp sensor modules
  • Racepak V-Net Wheelie Bar Force sensor modules
  • Racepak V300SD Data Logger
  • Racepak V500SD Data Logger
  • Racepak Sportsman Data Logger
  • Racepak G2X Extreme Data Logger
  • Racepak G2X Pro Data Logger
  • Motec LTC A/F Controller
  • Motec LTCD A/F Controller
  • Motec E816 CAN Expander
  • Motec E888 CAN Expander
  • MSD Grid System
  • RaceGrade 15 Channel Keypad
  • RaceGrade 8 Channel Keypad
  • RaceGrade TC8 8-Channel Thermocouple Module
  • KMS UEGO Expansion Module
  • KMS Electronic Throttle Controller
  • KMS 4 Ch Thermocouple Module
  • KMS 4 Ch Wheel Speed Module
  • KMS Flex Fuel Module

The CD-7 integrates with AEMnet-enabled devices, and it includes templates with channel lists for AEMnet-enabled ECUs that speed the setup process. It works with:

  • Infinity ECUs (all Series)
  • Series 2 EMS
  • EMS-4
  • Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM)
  • 4-Channel Wideband UEGO AFR Controller
  • X-Series Wideband Controllers
  • X-Series Gauges
  • Wideband Failsafe
  • Flex Fuel Wideband Failsafe

AEM will continue validating more 3rd party CAN bus configurations, and has configurations available for more 3rd party applications that have not yet been hardware validated but are available for download. AEM cannot guarantee the accuracy of non-hardware validated files until they have been tested. A list of available but non-validated applications is available

here (click “Supported Apps tab).

The CD-7/CD-7L color digital displays feature a super bright, high contrast, sunlight readable display and include an integrated glare diffuser and shade hood so that they are readable in even the brightest daylight conditions. They are designed to accept channels from CAN bus connections and do not currently include analog inputs. Two CAN bus channels are included so that it can receive and collect data from AEMnet enabled devices such as the Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS or EMS-4, and 3rd party devices including PDMs, CAN sensor modules and programmable engine management systems.


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