NEW Firmware v96.5 for the Infinity ECU!


NEW Firmware v96.5 for the Infinity ECU!


This release includes support for AEM’s PDU-8 8-Channel Power Distribution Module (PN: 30-8300) and a host of feature improvements that make tuning using InfinityTuner better than ever. Major new improvements are detailed below and in the video. Please see the

PDU-8 Support:InfinityTuner v96.5 supports the addition of an AEM PDU-8 Power Distribution Unit, which provides switched control of eight vehicle functions over AEMnet CAN bus. Eight outputs (four switched/four switched or PWM) provide control over standard automotive functions (coolant fans, fuel pumps, ignition power, etc.).

Faster MAP and Fuel Pressure Sensor Sampling Rate for Infinity 708/710/712: (already available for 5 series units since 96.3)The sampling rate for these channels is 10 times faster than in previous firmware versions which allows users to increase MAP and Fuel Pressure smoothing without any loss in sensor response. This increased sampling and smoothing reduces/eliminates fueling calculation oscillations and can lead to a better tune.

Improved Boost Control during Spool-Up:Improved boost control strategy eliminates boost-target overshoot at spool-up caused by closed-loop boost control feedback wind-up. Version 96.5 firmware allows users to disable boost control feedback until boost-target error is within a user-defined value to prevent this feedback windup.

Mass Airflow [g/sec] Added to Lambda Feedback X Axis:Using Airflow for a Lambda feedback table’s X-Axis can provide more dynamic Lambda feedback control at various engine loads at the same given RPM, since you can have varying airflow at the same RPM depending on engine load.

Flex Fuel Sensor table input can be assigned to use digital on/off switch pins:This is useful if users want to add a simple “on/off”-style gas/ethanol switch for race vehicles that do not have a Flex Fuel sensor installed.

Cam/Crank Signal Features and Improvements:- New channels that allow users to define the allowable acceleration ratio between crank edges for the even-spaced cam/crank patterns- Cam Error Ignore function added for using the cam signal for sync at low RPM and ignoring potentially noisy cam signals at high RPM- New channel added to help with crank/cam error troubleshooting and diagnosis- New diagnostic channel indicates which cam- or crank-related error has occurred most recently, even if that error was ignored

Added ‘CrankPrimePulse [uL]’ TableNew table for improved engine priming when the ECU detects the first cranks signal edge (Available for the following timing patterns: Any even spaced crank tooth pattern with single cam pulse. Any crank missing-1 and crank missing-2 patterns with a single cam pulse.

Improved Engine Restart Wait TimeReduced start-up wait time after engine stall, from 1.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds. The ECU will be ready to restart the engine more quickly in the event of an engine stall.

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