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Flex fuel wiring

I have a 2000 s2000 with a kraftwers supercharger, i have installed an innovate flex fuel gauge and sensor, I am trying to figure out which pin on the ECU the sensor needs to be wired to. my understanding is the sensor has to be wired to the AEM v2 pre gauge, the only wires from the sensor to the gauge have a red, white and black wire ,and on the other side of the 3 pin connector is white, purple and white/red ,  the serial number to my ECU is 6052-1587


I am curious which pin on the connector needs to be wired to the harness for the flex fuel sensor ? im curious which wire on the 3 pin connector the ecu gets wired to for flex fuel ? 


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You need to figure out the

You need to figure out the pin out for your sensor and then find the signal output wire and then follow the 02v02 firmware notes on how to wire and setup Flex Fuel.