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3SGE BEAM INJ/COIL on startup

Hey just bought an EMS-4 and got most of my pinouts confirmed, but before I get the the actual wiring in I wanted to see what you guys think.

this is my 1993 nissan silvia s14 zenki converted kouki


3sge beams swapped in


ok so now i'm down to the wiring part, I got most of the main wires planned out where they go. Hard part is it has two cam sensors and two vvt solenoids for dual vvti, from what I've read AEM doesn't really support Dual VVTI, it can be programed in and have it as a on/off switch (From what I've been told)

I just want to get the car running asap and don't mind the loss in power as I will be going turbo. Other thing I'd like to know is, can I run my engine on one Cam sensor? or should I run two?

In the link is a little pdf I made for the stock ecu pinouts and wiring diagram, also the s14 chassis side plug that where the aem would get switched power, ground, etc, the other link is my aem/beams/s14 swap guide.



also I have 8 Ignition signals via the wiring diagram, 4ign output, 4ion input, does that mean i need to run a  AEM Four Channel Coil Driver P/N 30-2840    or can I run without it somehow?  The beams uses a very simular 1zz coilpack, http://www.sq-engineering.com/tech-articles/coilpack-info-guide, pretty much says I can run my coils without the 4ion inputs but rather just confirm.

[Pin 1] Earth / common ground: This grounds each coil to the body / earth, an electric connection to to the cam cover alone is not at all suggested.

[Pin 2] IGT / trigger: The signal wire to activate the firing of the coil, triggered directly from the ECU's ignition output. These can paired with another coil for a waste spark connection, for example using two ECU ignition outputs to run four coilpacks. See the next section for more on this subject.

[Pin 3] IGF / ignition feedback: Used by OEM ECU's to confirm the firing of the ignition coil. If a coil malfunctions the ECU will sense the lack of this fire confirmation and put itself into a fault / limp mode. This is not normally used at all with an aftermarket /stand-alone ECU and hence only three wires are used for each coil.

[Pin 4] Power (+) / ignition power: This is the main power supply for all of the coils, this power feed is activated when the key is turned to the "Ignition" position. The most common and suggested method of connection during a conversion on a four cylinder is to remove the power feed from the original single ignition coil and use it to power all four of the new coilpacks.

Thanks guys!

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my calibration file, no spark

my calibration file, no spark no injector, tester and fired all coils i'm lost and checking post everywhere


I've tested the injectors and coils on pw user and they injectors click and spray fuel, and sometimes the coils fire the fuel in the cylinder