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1.8T Infinity, Running rough issue.

Hey guys finally decided to switch over from motronic to AEM. Using the PnP harness, and AEM Infinity 506/508 ECU. We loaded up the 1.8T base session from the base map selection. Went thru the basic setup, selected injectors 80lb Dekas, ran the dbw wizard, started the car, fires up no problem was running crazy lean at idle so we upped the VE map in the idle cells to around 75% and it stays at 14.7, then we went ahead and did the ignition timing sync timing light matched the ignition timing lock. Running an AEM 5bar map, and 2.0T VW ignition coils.

However for whatever reason the car still sounds like it’s running on 3 cylinders. Plug the motronic back in and it’s peefectly fine. Not sure what’s goin on.

Any help would be appreciated.

The engine setup:

62mm Garret turbo, 80lb Siemens Deka injectors, 9:1 Wiseco Pistons, IE Forged Rods. (Head, Cams, Intake Mani, TB stock for now)

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It's good you have another

It's good you have another ECU to compare against, that helps eliminate the factory harness as a possible problem. If the engine sounds like a cylinder isn't firing, using the Coils/Injectors page of the wizard to disable each output is a good test. This thread has a bit more info about it, plus flashing a diagnostic file into the ECU to check each of the coil and injector outputs.



With big injectors, it's not a bad idea to experiement with different numbers in the FI_TimingX table  (in the injector page of the layout). Try setting the entire table to +50, 0, -50, -100, and -150.


Hope that helps,