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1.8T S3 225

Hi Guys I have asked the same to other supplier but yet to decide what to buy ?

I am looking to buy ECU for my car 

The car is Audi S3 (225) 2003 BAM essentially the same as the Mark 1 Audi TT Quattro 225 , it is a project car with bigger turbo, 80mm throttle, 1000cc  etc etc , If I use this will I retain all functions , ESP, ABS ,T/C , Haldex ,Dash, A/C  (I don't have cruise control)

I need to understand what it will not do and my limitations

Your feedback will be much appreciated




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It's hard to say exactly what

It's hard to say exactly what will or won't work on your car because your car isn't specifically supported by our 3903 app. The 3903 was specifically engineered to be used on 02-05 US spec MKIV AWP 1.8t Golf/GTI/Jetta cars. It has never been validated by AEM on any other application. Some have found that it works on earlier MKI (pre-02) TTs but only if they're updated to AWP spec. Your car being an 03 may mean that it works right off the bat but we have no real way of knowing. As best we can tell, ESP and ABS still function but traction control is no longer OEM-type strategy as Infinity has its own wheel speed based TC strategy. Dash and AC work like stock on AWP cars.  FWIW, AC control on an AWP car is basically stand alone with the stock ECU only monitoring the AC req switch for idle control but apparently the older cars had the AC compressor activated by the ECU so cars like this have lost AC function.  As for Haldex AWD control, the TTs have just happened to work as we didn't do anything specific to interface with the controller.