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2011 Subaru Sti

ive installed the AEM infinity 10 ecu on my 2011 Subaru Wrx Sti but i havent been able to configure it to be able to get it started

AEM doesnt have the trigger cycle for the subaru listed. Has anyone been able to get an infinity ecu running on an Sti?

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What is the crank and cam

What is the crank and cam trigger wheel layout?

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The Infinity currently only

The Infinity currently only supports the Subaru EZ36 cam/crank pattern.  Please be aware that there are third party companies selling Infinity adapter harnesses for applications that aren't yet supported.  They should be disclosing this in their sales information and note that using a supported cam/crank profile may be required.

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is it possible to modify the

is it possible to modify the crank / cam sensor to support the infinity? i read somewhere that some teeth can be removed so the infinity can pick it up, but dont know the configuration. can you explain ( i have the 03 wrx)