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2016 Polaris XPT With 7112 EMS

Hello all, I made the Infinity 508 7112 (along with XPT harness) purchase about a year ago and I have just gotten it installed, Have the idle down to the T, Recently added a mode switch to the AUX connector analog 13 to control boost along with the 2step and antilag. I was really hoping that I could also add a fuel pressure sensor to the setup, but from I have seen on the xpt pnp harness schematic and read around on here it is looking like Analog 13 in the AUX connector is pretty much it. Is just because of the PNP harness? 

Dong a quick edit here,  when I go into the INFINITY Tuner wizard, basic sensors, fuel pressure sensor setup, the only option that it is giving me in the dropdown menu is (ANALOG 9) Then I jump over to the Polaris XPT pnp harness it shows FPress_raw Analog9 (v) C1-53 Hard coded for fuel level input RZR pin C2-112 . (Not user configurable? <--- or am I completly missing something here) Can I swipe the signal for the fuel sender  and use it for fuel pressure then in return install my CD-5LG and add the 6 Channel CAN to grab my fuel level? I would really like for the EMS to be able to monitor my fuel pressure. 


Donnie T