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22 channel Can Module

Just confirming that it is possible to connect  a 22 CHANNEL CAN SENSOR MODULE  PN 30-2212, to a series 2 ems.

It would appear that i would be limited to only 3 blocks of the data or 12 channels depending which blocks of data are configured.  I am fine with that but is there anyway to config more that 3 blocks?

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Possible to connect?  Sure

Possible to connect?  Sure but possible to actually receive data from the 22 Ch CSM to a Series 2?  No, sorry - that does not work.  The 22 Ch CSM came many years after development of the Series 2 stopped and thus there is no function to configure CAN receive in the Series 2 to mate it with a 22 Ch CSM.  All the marketing material for the 22 Ch CSM makes it very clear that its only intended purpose is for use with our CD dashes.