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240sx (Ka24De) Base Map?

Hey guys, I'm having trouble setting up my Ka24De first calibration map or base map (Infinity 6) -506 , I don't see any files for this motor. It's an all motor KA24DE ID 725cc, 3.5 Map, IAT, K20 Coil on Plugs conversion! Full built motor! Any guidance is appreciated, Please and thank you in advance! P.S. also using full fail safe features and AEM CD-5 Dash display! 




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Like what specifically do you

Like what specifically do you need help with? The Infinity Tuner wizard makes things pretty simple. Start with some base calibration and change it to your needs. I started my 3S-GTE MR2 on an S2000 base cal just because I had to select one. 

I've seen some Youtube vids that go over the steps, but basically you step through the Infinity Tuner wizard and set things up for your hardware (timing pattern, injectors, coils, sensors, inputs/outputs). Then verify base timing is correct, and you're in the ballpark to at least get it cranked and start tuning. 


If that seems overwhelming, I'd recommend taking it to a tuner personally, or start studying on the basics of tuning a car.