2JZ-GE (non-vvti), Idle Air Control Valve stuck open? (how to control?) | AEM
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2JZ-GE (non-vvti), Idle Air Control Valve stuck open? (how to control?)

I have a turbocharged Toyota 2JZ-GE engine (supra twin turbo headgasket + arp head studs) with AEM EMS v1 and I recently converted it to the Lexus IS300 coil packs while using the pickup sensor in the distributor.

The good news?  It starts! 

The bad news?  It has super high idle that keeps increasing beyond 3,000 rpm even after I changed the Idle Air Control Valve.  I also performed the ohms test to confirm the replacement part was in spec (~22 ohms for all terminals).  The previous idle air control valve failed this resistance test.  When I put my hand over the IACV (idle air control valve) orifice, the rpm's decreased to normal speed and if I blocked it long enough it would stop the engine from running (no air).  Can you guys please tell me what is wrong with my settings and how to best control the IACV in AEMPower's software?  Or is the problem something else?  I noticed it's showing ignition timing as ~8 degrees when the engine is OFF.  Is that normal?

AemPower Idle Settings (Engine Off):  https://imgbox.com/bSDbzuZm#

AemPower Idle Settings (Engine On):  https://imgbox.com/LIpFJX98