2JZ-GE (non-vvti) not grounding Idle Air Control Valve. Help? | AEM
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2JZ-GE (non-vvti) not grounding Idle Air Control Valve. Help?

I have a 1995 Lexus SC300 (2jz-ge non-vvti) that I turbocharged.  After the car has been sitting for years, I noticed the idle air control valve is not being controlled by my Aem Ems v1 (30-1101 model). My IACV does not react to any of my inputs like idle % in AemPower software. The plunger does not move when I switch ignition key off or on.

With ign key ON, The iacv connector (from engine harness) outputs +12v on both middle female pins (B1, B2) and the voltmeter shows functional grounds for 2 of the 4 female outer pins (volt meter shows it to complete circuit ~11.98 volts). With this +12v power from the connector, the IACV ONLY activates if I ground it to chassis (or battery). It does NOT activate if I use either of the 2 active ground pins on the connector.

Using voltmeter with ign key OFF, all 4 outer ground female pins of IACV connector complete the circuit and show ~12.07 volts with red positive lead on Battery + terminal and black ground lead touching each of the 4 Ground female pins of harness connector (1 by 1). All 4 of these connector ground pins will activate the IACV using the +12v battery terminal as power with ign key still OFF.

So, IACV only activates when a chassis ground is used with the ign key ON with 12v power from the connector OR when ign key is OFF with power directly from battery grounding to any of the 4 S female terminals in harness connector.

What the heck is going on? I’m using Aem’s IACV settings from their 2jz-ge base map too. (I called AEM and they don’t support v1 anymore and the shops they referred me to don’t answer their phone.)