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2jz-ge series 1 software.

Greetings everyone, This is my first time on AEM or dealing with tuning via ECU. I currently have a MK4 supra, NA. Standard 2JZ-GE. I just picked up a AEM series 1 ECU. Me and my buddy plugged it on his computer and was able to load and what not. (just for science) however plugged back up my stock ECU and so on, currently dont have my turbo yet, everythings in my cart ready to go. If anyone wants to know about my set up and would give feedback or advise id appreciate that. QUESTIONS. 1)where can i find series 1 tuning software. 2) does anyone have a good series 1 tuner, where i can data log and recieve tunes.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read!