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2jz Infinity having cam0 sync errors while running.

So I have a 2jz-ge that is running a 7mgte cps with hall sensors. 24 tooth crank with one tooth cam. My issue is that the infinity keeps throwing cam0 sync error 0 & cam 0 sync error 1 continuously while the car is running. Also after car warms up the car will start and it feels like the car is out of time. I noticed that when the car runs ruff after warm start that the cam0 timing on the diagnostics page goes from normal 1 or 0 up to 30 and sometimes it will flash 720. Is this an issues the cam be fixed through adjusting the NC values on the cam?

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Adjusting NC values might

Adjusting NC values might help, it allows the ECU to ignore some (but not all) very short pulses. Best solution is usually to run new shielded wires for the crank and cam signal, make sure your hall sensors are getting ground from the ECU's sensor ground pin (not chassis ground), use EFI-type spark plugs with internal resistors, and make sure the air gap between the sensor and trigger wheel is appropriate for the sensor you're using.

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Did you get your cam sync problem resolved?  If yes, what was the fix?  I'm considering upgrading to Aem Infinity 506 for the same engine, but am afraid of all these cam-sync errors and misfires users keep reporting.