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2zz GE or Corolla XRS initial install help?

Hey everyone.  First post here! So I am extremely new to tuning as in I know nothing!  I have only played with bolt on performance so far.  CAI, Headers, Cat delete and so on... I just purchased the EMS 4 and have a base map estimated for my mods but I have no idea how to hook up sensors.  I do have a "plug and play" harness but upon receiving it I am now told I need to route things to the MAP sensor and to the O2 sensor.  Shouldnt the "plug and play" harness specific for my car and year be able to just access these stock sensors?  If anyone can help me that would be great.  I do have someone set to dyno tune it but  Iwould love to have it installed with the provided base map set up.  Thanks in advance and I did try the search before I posted my question  :P

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First you will need to check

First you will need to check if your the Motor in your Vehicle runs off of a MAP sensor to begin with. It may be a MAF sensor and you will need to replace it or add a MAP sensor. The Stock O2 sensors do not function with the EMS-4. How many wires from your PnP harness are labeled to go to an O2 Sensor?