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30-0300 AFR Guage

Alright need some help with my 30-0300 and 30-2500 setup. I have a 1640cc dragbike that I am hooking a AEM AFR guage and data logger up for. The data logger was used but the AFR guage is new. Followed the instructions and hooked it up to log RPM and AFR. It is logging RPM no problem but I need a little help getting it to log AFR.

In the instructions for the guage, it says to hook up the white wire (analog) to PIN 1-4 on the logger but it also says to hook the brown wire (sensor ground) to the date logger as well but it does not say to where (?????). I hooked up the white wire to PIN #4 on the logger as the previous owner of the logger had something going there. He had it set up for a temperature sensor. I fired up the bike without changing any setting on the logger and it was reading something as the #'s were moving around. Obviously not AFR as it was set up for temperature. I went into the settings and changed this PIN to AFR instead of temperature. In the HELP field on the left, it says that this setting would work with the 30-0300 guage without and changes to the settings. Fired up the bike again after making the changes and now that pin just stays at 18.00 all the time. So I have 2 questions:

1-do I need to hook up the brown wire from the guage and if so, where?

2-is there something I am missing in the setup on the data logger?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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The Brown wire will go to

The Brown wire will go to sensor ground.