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30-4110 - Sensor Failure

Purchased the 30-4110 a little over a month ago. Only installed it recently. Not even 500km later, the sensor only reads ---. Brake clean on the rag also doesn't inspire the sensor to read properly.
With the sensor unplugged, the gauge displays 14.7. Installed exactly how instructions recommend.
Fresh NA engine, no oil burning, good quality fuel, hasn't ran rich (stock MAP, stock Engine) no clear reason why it would fail.

This issue seems to be pretty frequent by the amount of posts about this. Yet AEM seems to have nothing to say, publically anyway.

I contacted AEM in regards to the premature failure. They want me to ship the gauge and sensor to them so they can investigate.
From my location, the shipping cost is about 85-90$...and no guarantee they will even issue a replacement.
A replacement LSU4.9 is less then 100$ from Titan Motorsports on Amazon...why would I use the RMA service provided by AEM for customer support.

I'll update when I get an answer back from them... really hope they haven't become another company that doesn't care about their customers.


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I hear ya, I have had a

I hear ya, I have had a competitors wide band in my vehicle for 5 years with 1 sensor change and that was only due to wanting a fresh sensor before I tuned it. I recently purchased the 30-0334 wide band for the CanBus feature and faster response times.. 2 weeks later first sensor starts reading flakey values so Wednesday I installed a $100 new sensor and here it is 2 days later and the sensor is giving me the ---- crap. I love the idea of this wide band but simply can't afford it. 

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Installed the 30-4110

Installed the 30-4110 yesterday, havent even driven it and after about 2 minutes of my vehicle warming up it did the same thing. Extemely frustrated.

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Had the same thing happen to

Had the same thing happen to me as well. I got as far as getting it in the exhaust. Starting and tuning idke and was 20 minutes into my first test drive when it started reading --- leaj consistently. Changes to fuel table had no effect. Finally pulled the sensor out and tested using the rag and brake cleaner and nothing. I was super disappointed in AEM. Thought they were a well known brand. Should add this was with a AEM 30-4110

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For any issues with wideband

For any issues with wideband gauges, contact Tech Support directly: 1-800-423-0046