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30-4110 stuck lean after extended idle.

Vehicle is turbocharged on e85. I usually start the car up and let it warm up before driving. By the time it's at operating temp it will be pegged lean and stuck there even when the vehicle is driven. Sometimes I'd be able to get it up to speed, cycle the key and it would come back until I stop at a light and it will peg lean again and get stuck there. I changed the sensor, checked voltage and ground, moved the sensor downstream to a different bung and even ran a switch so I could turn the gauge on after I got it to operating temp and started driving it but still the same issue. I pulled the sensor when it was stuck lean and wrapped it in a rag with brake clean and it slowly climbed to .78 but didn't peg full rich on either sensor. While this is all happening I can watch my stock sensors and they are reading fine. I can add fuel and peg the stock sensors to .93v but the wide band will still read full lean. I just wanna verify I'm having a gauge issue. The unit has been installed for less than 4000 miles. 

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Please call Tech Support

Please call Tech Support directly: 1-800-423-0046