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30-6060 with k20a2


I've got a v2 30-6060 from my previous build. Could I use it with a k20a2, if I make a custom wiring harness,

and match the wires correctly (hi and low side, etc)?

And, if I'm done with the wiring, I could simply use the 30-6030 config files, right?

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It's definitely not

It's definitely not impossible, but what you're considering is much easier to talk about than to implement correctly.  AEM can't effectively support a 'science project' install like that due to all the additional variables you will introduce. If you contact us for assistance with a plug-and-play ECU that has been retrofitted to a different vehicle, the best we can suggest is that you put the 30-6060 ECU back in the vehicle it was designed for to make sure it still functions properly. I'd recommend selling the 30-6060 to someone who will use it on an OBD2a Honda, and purchase a 30-6030 instead.