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3000Gt tps help

so it's been a few months sence i purchesed this vehical and it needed a bit of work, new piping gaskets and whatnot, but there was an udner lying issue that i avoided because of my laque of knowlege and now i need to fix it. before i had purchesed the vehical the previous owner had messed around with the throtal a bit and did not remap the tps.

I figured it would be as simple as pluging in my laptop and useing the tps wizard to redo the calibration for it, "this was after reading a lot of pdf info and watching a few videos on the youtube". After i conected to the ecu i clicked wizards then set throttle range wizard, i imeditly got an error "TPS Options/channel names are not avalible in curent cailbration. Please contact AEM.".

i did notice that the version is V1.19, and if i click create new cal useing that version i get the same error, 

any advice is helpful, or if more information is needed i can get it, thank you in advance