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Mike B
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60-2 basics

I'm new to this style of tuning (Limited use of ECMLINK prior), and am having a hard time wrapping my head around some things, like the tooth count and phasing.

Main question is what to set the fuel/wheel/spark teeth to and what the phasing for coil/inj should be. I tried using/interpreting some of the other ws/bf cals but to no avail. I really wish you guys had a more user friendly startup guide...

Heres some specs :

Ford 2300 (1-3-4-2)

60-2 trigger wheel w/ Electromotive Mag sensor (no cam)

DSM Coils/PTU (waste spark)

Wired sequtially (1-1,2-2,3-3,4-4)

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I'm in the same boat. I

I'm in the same boat. I thought this would be a fairly simple setup but support has not been much help. Unfortunately I do not have the answer, but I do have a similar setup (4 cyl, WSBF) and would love some help as well.

Once I get this running, I would be happy to provide my cal as a base for those going 60-2 WS/BF on a 4 cyl as I've been at this for months on and off and starting to get frustrated by the lack of support for the EMS4.

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i'm using  0 6 6 0 and work (

i'm using  0 6 6 0 and work ( f4r wasted spark, injector and coil wired seq )

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I was extremely frustrated as

I was extremely frustrated as you were for the lack of info. I had to read it, re read it and analyze all the base tunes to finally get it. My setup is very similar to yours: 60-2, no cam, wasted spark with 2 coils. The typical, simple setup which should be easy to get running. So basically, set your settings to this

Fuel an Spark teeth to 12

Wheel teeth to 24

MX Sync test to 57

Missing 2

Sync teeth 0


after this, even though you are running a 60-2, you should ¨think¨ of your settings as a 24 PER ENGINE CYCLE, not a 60 wheel (or 120 per engine cycle), which means, your firing events are separated by increments of 6. Go to the coils section and:

Coil 1 phasing: 0

Coil 2 phasing: 6


Injectors for me are:

Inj 1 phasing: 0

Inj 2 phasing: 12

Inj 3 phasing: 12

Inj 4 phasing: 0

which is basically 2 squirts alternating per engine cycle, 1 squirt per revolution per bank of 2

after this I got the ignition timing wizard to check the timing, all was fine after that. Working flawlessly

Let me know if it helps