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6601 SR20DET AEMNet Questions

I'm working on adding inputs to my SR20DET engine harness running a Series 2 6601 ECU and setting up AEMNet to output the data to a pair of AEM X-Series AEMNet gauges. 

The harness has MAP, IAT, fuel pressure, oil pressure and flex fuel added into it. These sensors are pinned into the avalible inputs as marked in the official AEM pinout using dedicated inputs and extra inputs. From what I can gather these inputs are refered to as "ADCRX" in the official AEMNet Series 2 documentation, is this accurate? 

Looking at the official page for the AEMNet gauges they do not show compatiable with displaying boost pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure or flex fuel content from theSeries 2. I have referenced the AEMNet and gauge information, for the Series 2 there are 19 data sets broadcast via AEMNet, 11 of these matche up with the listed compatiable outputs for the AEMNet gauge. The other 8, marked as "ADCRX" in the AEMNet documentation, will carry the data from the added sensors in my harness. 

If everything I have stated is true, the AEMNet gauges should be able to display boost pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure or flex fuel content from the data broadcast over AEMNet. I am assuming that there is extra setup required to make this work, can anyone confirm this is true? As the ECU does not have these inputs marked as "Boost Pressure", "Oil Pressure", etc, what kind of setup is required to allow this to work? 

I appreciate anyone taking their time to help out with this, trying to order a pair of gauges, but want to confirm this will work before I buy them!

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You've done a good job of

You've done a good job of researching this and the information you found and referenced is correct.  The AEMnet CAN data stream has been an evolution over time.  Orignally with the Series 2, there were only 19 standard channels and these channels were created before the oil pressure, fuel pressure or flex content functions even existed.  The AEMnet gauge has a fixed list of CAN channels inside of it and is not configurable to receive any additional or different channels.  Technically, the AEMnet data stream in the Series 2 is actually fully customizable so different channels can be added or removed or completely reconfigured however you might want but the hitch is that the AEMnet gauge is NOT configurable to match a custom CAN data stream from a Series 2.

In the Series 2, oil pressure, fuel pressure and flex content are not standard AEMnet channels.  Also, the Series 2 sends out Engine Load as a percentage and not a scaled boost/vacuum value with units.  As you can see in the documentation, the ADCR's aren't standard channels in the AEMnet gauge nor can they be added.  Sorry but that's just how it was setup to work.  If you want to send, receive and display extra channels, you'll need a CD dash to do it.