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95 Supra Turbo Cal File Peer Review

I would like to see if there is anyone here who can do a peer review of my cal file. I recently put in ID1000s, S1 cams, and an aftermarket intake. I am having a hell of a time getting it to start well. I tried to adjust my old tune and was getting nowhere. I started out fresh with the base supra map and started adjusting from there. My idle is pretty good, and driving around my afr's are ok, although I havent been able to log much since I need an alignment after a new rack.

However, the starting is really driving me nuts. It cranks forever and even then I have to put my foot down on the pedal to get it going. This leads me to beleive its the enrichment.

Anyway, if someone is willing to look at my file and give me some feedback, I would appreciate it.