'97 Supra GTE w/front cam sensor delete | AEM
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'97 Supra GTE w/front cam sensor delete

Front cam sensor deleted, AEM v2 setting

I've received some information from PHR that stated we need to reverse the firing order for the injectors and the coils. However, they haven't sent me the screenshot/file yet. I have aem v2, a gte, 1000cc injectors, twin 255's, and I need a base tune to get this car started and to a tuner.

Can anyone post a screenshot of what I must do to make the car fire up after we deleted the front cam sensor.

thank you!

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You don't have to change the

You don't have to change the phasing of the coils and injectors but you do need to do some other stuff.  First, the rear cam doesn't go into the EMS.  The EMS is pinned to receive the cam signal from only the front sensor.  You'll need to move the rear sensor to the front sensor position in the ECU connector.  Once it's moved, adding 12 to your current Ignition Sync value should get you in the ballpark.  Follow the normal ignition timing sync procedure to get it fully dialed in.