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Additional Aux fan controller

Is there any other Lowside output that can control another AUX fan controller? I see that the OEM fan controller requires 12V pull-up Lowside output.

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The factory A/C electric fan

The factory A/C electric fan is controlled using Lowside 8 from the ECU. There are several extra/available Lowside outputs that can be used for various functions. If you're operating a simple relay for a secondary/radiator fan, you could use LS2, which is pin 11 in the AUX connector on the PnP harness, making wiring it up very easy. If you use a fan controller that needs a signal pulled up to 12v, LS9 (pin C2-29) is available, and has a 2.2k pull-up to 12v. LS9 is not in the AUX connector, so it would need to be wired straight to the Infinity C2 connector.