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Adjusting for 5.0L Cummins Help

Update: I believe I finally stopped over thinking the chart, HP based on Boost put me at 400 HP / 25+ Boost and says I should use 881 ML Full Flow ( Which kit comes with 1,000 ML Nozzle ) so I use the 1,000 ML Nozzle and turn the full PSI up to 40 PSI as my truck will only make about 34 PSI of boost +1 just depends so that would put me in the ball park of 850 at WOT, feels correct now.



I'm trying to figure out the best adjustments on my v2 Water methanol kit, I've tried a few different nozzles and settings but keep going back to the smallest nozzle for safety concerns.


(The truck is making about 410 HP to the wheels) - The ruck also makes up to 35-36 PSI of boost WOT which would put me at the 1000 nozzle based on the graph, I've tested the 500 nozzle but at part throttle it sounds a little funny sometimes, so I went to 250 nozzle and for the most part no funny noises but if I turn down the start PSI to something it'll be on while driving it'll sound a little off (If that's the correct term?) but I know Water / Methanol is safe in Diesel applications and should be fine as long as it's adjusted properly so trying to seek some advice on this.

I've taken the nozzle off and tested it outside of the truck and it seems like it's reading the boost a little off by 5 PSI which I can compensate for but what is the best way to figuring out what nozzles and what psi to start these on? My friend used the 500 nozzle on a stock non-deleted truck without issues setting it to come on at 17 psi and full on at 25 where I'm at a 250 nozzle coming on at 15 psi and full on at 30 which I'm deleted and create a little more boost?