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AEM 1000CC Flow gauge install question - wiring

I have a question about wiring up my new flow gauge.  It should be an easy one but I am no electrician.

I read in the instructions to run the two red wires (I assume one is power for the flow meter, and the other the gauge itself) to a hot at all times 12V 5A fused source, and run the pink wire to a switched 12V 5A, then run the ground and grey wire to a dash illumination lead (dimmer).

It also stated I can run all three (2 red and 1 pink) to the same 12V source.

My question is can I run the two red wires to a single 5A fuse holder lead to a 12V source (I assume so from the diagram)?, or does it have to be two individual 5A leads?  Along the same questioning, if I can run all three red and pink wires to the same switched source can I also run a single 5A fuse lead?

My current setup runs a standalone arming switch for my methanol controller which is a 3 pole switch with a Earth, supply, and 12V power connections.  I was hoping to simplify things and just tap the two red wires from the flow gauge to the 12V supply, the grount to the earth (which both 12v and grnd are going directly to the battery) and the pink to the supply lead (actual switched 12v) on the same arming switch.  I assume that these are not going to pull a huge power draw if they require just a 5A fuse and the switch is just a turn on for the controller so I also assume it will not draw enough to hinder the switches operation correct?

So the instructions are like the following:

Mine would be this ==> 


Would my wiring work or would it interfer with the controller operation?  So my red leads would have 12V hot power all the time, the pink lead would get power 12V source when the methanol controller is manually turned on via its arm switch.

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Suggested wiring would be

Suggested wiring would be yellow and pink wire ran to ignition switch with 5amp inline fuse on both wires. The perm 12V power wire from the meth controller and the gauge can all run together to a battery source.