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AEM 30-6050 temp sensor reading incorrect?

I am having a problem with my Temp sensor that the ECM uses, https://100001.onl/ it is the 2nd new one and the wiring harness is brand new. I have verified the tempature to be at 180 using a tempature gun when the sensor says its 106 and the wizard was used to configure the the new sensor.https://1921681254.mx/ Can the sensor be manualy calibrated sense the wizard is off for the matching application each time. I am kinda upset because after some other problems it has resulted in a leaking headgasket from aparently a over heating condition,https://acc.onl/hotmail even thought the radiator and all other cooling system parts are brand new.

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I'm guessing you're using the

I'm guessing you're using the 30-6050 in some universal capacity since its intended application is 98-01 Hondas.  It also sounds like you may not know a whole lot about engine management systems.  Mind sharing what vehicle you have and where you got you brand new wiring harness?  And what tuning shop are you working with on this project?