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AEM 50-1000 compatible with PWM control?


I would like to drive my AEM 50-1000 using a PWM from a Holley EFI system.

I was thinking of using a solid state relay (such as a Hella 4RA 007 865-031) to drive the pump directly and wondered if this would be an issue for the pump if OK? Are there any limitations that I should be aware of?

Alternatively, I was thinking of using something like Corvette C6 fan controller to turn the PWM into a variable voltage. Again if this was OK, is there a range of voltage I should stay within?




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I contact AEM support and

I contact AEM support and they provided an answer:

"You can do either one. We have tested the pumps using the solid state relay you reference to. The voltage range for the pump is 6-18v"



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BogBeast, I don't think you

BogBeast, I don't think you can use a fan controller from a Corvette effectively on your fuel pump.  I tested some different junkyard options and found that the fan controllers were not useful in fuel pump control because they have a soft start feature that ramps the fan up real slow.  I tested some Ford Fusion fan controllers(which look identical to a Corvette Bosch controller)  When I wired it to my pump, set the software to 100%, it would take 20 seconds for the fuel pump to ramp to full speed.  This is bad if you are cruising at 40% duty, then go WOT and make full boost within seconds. 

I did manage to make a Ford fuel pump driver work with the Infinity and I've been running it now for almost two years on a Magnafuel 4303.  It responds instantly to commands.  I ended up using the Fusion fan driver for my cooling fan.  Doing these two upgrades cut my amp draw bigtime at idle and cruising.  My fan sits around 20% most of the time and 176 degrees engine temp.

The other cool factor is that the fuel or fan drivers with connectors, cost me $9-12 each from the local u-chop yard.

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Hi,,..I replaced mine with an

Hi,,..I replaced mine with an AEM pump (50-1000). I took the whole assembly out and extracted the old pump. You have to ground off the nubs on the bottom of the pump to make it fit correctly then splice in the new connecter that comes with it. If you decide to go this route or similar, DONT cut the plastic hose on the end of the stock pump, instead heat it up and it should slip off.

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