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Phat Phung
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AEM EMS V2 30-6061 - setting base timing

I have a manual 95 SC300 that is NA-t. I'm having a misfire issue at idle and am trying to adjust base timing.

The toyota repair manual wants us to jump 2 pins in the diagnostic box so we can set base timing to ten degrees. Is this required when we have AEM EMS V2? 


Side Note: Anyone with a NA-t 2j, what's your base timing set at? My tuner set AEM's timing at 17* while my car's base timing was at 10* and the car felt more responsive that way. When he changed AEM to 10* to match the car's timing, it would not pull hard at all. 


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You shouldn't need to jump

You shouldn't need to jump two pins.

You need to set up the base ignition timing in the ignition sync wizard. Lock the timing at 10 degree's (for example) and then check it with a timing light. You can use fine or course adjustment to get the mark on the crank pully lined up to the proper marker on your timing cover (if its off). This will ensure that the AEM is firing your coils at the correct crank angle.