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AEM failsafe into AEM data

Guys quick question. Im new to all this AEM data software. I just installed a AEM failsafe wide band AF gauge in my 392 Superbee to monitor AF while using nitrous. My question is I want to datalog my RPM vs. The AF ratio in the AEM data software. I have the software loaded and have imported a log from the gauge. My RPMs and AF is working fine I just cant seem to get the software to show AF vs. RPM. Kinda like what you would get at the bottom of a dyno sheet. Anyone know how to accomplish this?

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Most likely when you opened

Most likely when you opened the software you have a template loaded on the trace graph viewer simply look at your channel list on the right side. Click and drop the value you want to display on the trace graph.

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I think what you are looking

I think what you are looking for is an XY Plot control, using Engine Speed as the x-axis and Lambda (or AFR) as the y-axis.  Example video here: