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AEM Failsafe using only Boost gauge.. possible?

I have that kind situation that i can weld that lampda sensor to my car after one month or something like that when i renew my exhaust. Now i think can i use my AEM failsafe meter to show only boost numbers to me when i drive and use that meter without that lampda sensor?

I tested that fast and i only get "UEGO sensor Offline" message and i change with computer software to center display show only boost and oled circle show vacuum. This way i dont ask any info that lampda to my meter, still only that "UEGO sensor Offline" is only what meter shows.

Can i do some settings or something to see only boost in that meter and after 1-2month when i get my new exhaust i change settings to see AFR too.

Big thanks if someone can help me with this problem.

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You can set it to simply see

You can set it to simply see boost for the time being but the sensor will have to be plugged in. Since you cannot mount the sensor, you will have to tie it up somewhere safe and away from any liquids from rain or snow that can touch it and foul it prematurely.