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AEM Failsafe Wideband 30-4900 reported AFR error

Hi, I have a 30-4900 failsafe wideband.  I am only using the AFR, boost and RPM inputs.    When my car is idling warmed up (running off the narrowband sensors in closed loop), I notice that the AFR reading stays around 14.2.    I recently obtained the AEM X-Series wideband for my other vehicle (and to use with HP Tuners) and decided to try it on the subject car with the 30-4900.   The X-Series unit reads between 14.6 and 14.8 (as expected in closed loop).   I purchased a brand new LSU 4.2 sensor for the 30-4900, expecting it to begin reading like the X-Series, however it still reads around 14.2.    I can't fine a procedure to calibrate the 30-4900.   What am I missing?  I don't think 14.2 is correct based on the expected AFR in closed loop as well as the X-Series readings confirmation.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.