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AEM Infinity and Holley Brushless Fuel Pump

I'm looking at getting the Holley VR-1 Brushless fuel pump w/ controller (part number 12-767  Just wondering if anyone has used this with the Infinity?  The pump has a 2 stage controller, so would that need to be connected to an output on the Infinity to tell it when to spin faster?

Also, how can voltage be increased going to the fuel pump/controller?  That thing will pump a crazy amount of fuel at 18.5 volts.  Does AEM make some sort of voltage booster? 

My car is a 2005 S2000 running the Infinity 506.

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sure the infinity could run

sure the infinity could run it. its still just a fuel pump.

if you need a trigger for a second stage you could setup one of the lowsides out to trigger it.


to get a higher voltage from the alternator you would either need to replace the voltage regulator with a higher output one, or just get a high output alternator.


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A different alternator is not

A different alternator is not how you'd increase voltage to the fuel pump. There's a product called a Boost-A-Pump and it's a voltage transformer that can step up 12-14v to 16-20+v to boost pump output temporarily.