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Tim M
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AEM Infinity B16 Lambda Control

Hello all

I checked my log file and found out that it seems that the lambda control is always a bit lean on half gas and somehow always a bit late etc.

I am new to AEM and ECU programming but I think sometimes running rich is not a good think.

The lambda table seems nice but the VE table looks like some parts are running rich but the lambda control is only set to +- 20%. The P and I part for lambda feedback was set zo P = 0.1 and I =0.1 to 2.2 (depending on rpm) and I dont know what I should start tuning first.

The lambda FB seems to always running on steady state at -0.2 and it seems to have a hard time hitting the target lambda. Should I check the VE tables with Lambda Feedback disabled?


The Log file is 70mb which is why I uploaded the .log file here:


Thank you in advance!