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AEM Infinity Base Session - Ti-VCT Disabled as Default

The Infinity-8/10 base session included in the August 2014 v95 Infinity Tuner release has the Ti-VCT (variable valve control) function disabled as default. The cam timing is properly sync'd, and the engine will start and run normally. There is little-to-no risk of damage to either engine or ECU. If an engine is power tested with the Ti-VCT disabled, it will likely be lacking in midrange power.

While disabling Ti-VCT will in many cases be helpful during the setup and initial troubleshooting process of installing a standalone engine management system, be sure to enable the variable valve control (VVC) on all four cams to unlock the full potential of Ford's Coyote 5.0L V8. Enabling the VVC on the Infinity is as simple as launching the setup wizard, clicking on the VVC page, and checking the box next to each cam you would like to enable (see attached image).   

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AEM_TH wrote:

Glad to see this. Can we disable torque management as well?

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As I mentioned in the other

As I mentioned in the other thread, this app only supports the Ford Racing Controls Pack.  No in-car plug-and-play development has been done.  This is primarily for engine swaps and race cars.