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AEM Infinity Coyote PnP in a Factory Five MK4

I’ve recently installed an AEM Infinity Plug and Play ECU system for the Coyote and AEMs support to this point has been nothing but stellar. 

My friend Trevor and I flew down to LA week before last and took their tuner training, a 2 day course.  It was really informative and we both feel pretty comfortable with the hardware and software now.   Both of us read the nearly 400 page manual before the course. :D

I planned to run the racelogic traction control from the start but had not gotten around to it.  Wiring this in, would be a big effort.   The AEM system has built in 4 wheel traction control, so this is another one of the reasons with moving this way from the Ford Control Pack PCM.

On with the install.

The Infinity PnP system for the Coyote comes with a basemap that has been tuned on a dyno to match the power curves of a stock Coyote PCM, including the torque curve and cam tuning.   I will be at least as far along as I am now with the stock PCM with regards to cam curves.  I can pull the stock Ford Cam timing over and have enough examples from other HPtuner tunes I have found online to give me good data points to pull from.

PnP adapter harness.

HP curves from tuning the cams on the system.

Torque curves combining both intake and exhaust. (stock Coyote on an engine dyno)

More on the Coyote PnP system.

I machined an adapter plate that allows me do a Ford to Infinity swap out in less than an hour.  The entire Ford Control Pack harness stays in place.  

This weekend I finished up the wiring and other tasks required for the first start.  Needed to install the MAP sensor, which I mounted under the engine cover for now.  The vacuum line is very short, at around 3 inches.

Built a harness for the MAP sensor and fuel pressure sensor.

If you install a fuel pressure sensor, the Infinity system will adjust the injector PW automatically if you start to lose fuel pressure for any reason such as a failing pump, it will keep your commanded lambda.  This is a really great feature IMO for keeping the engine safe.  You can also set the ECU to trigger trouble light/LED if it senses pressure going below a specific pressure.

The system comes with 2x 4 channel coil drivers to drive the Coyote coils.   The drivers need to be mounted to a metal object to dissipate heat.  Designed and machined a heat sink out of .25” plate aluminum and machine some fins in it to increase the surface area.

Mounted under the passenger footbox.

Installed the Bosch wideband sensors and the adapter harnesses.   The AEM system is not compatible with the factory Ford spec’d widebands.
I still have to hard mount the ECU as it currently sitting on the passenger footbox.   Im debating mounting it where it is, or making a mounting plate to installing vertically. 

I went through the the process of registering the Infinity box and updating the firmware to the Coyote PNP system.  Then went about checking that I was getting signals from sensors etc.  all … seemed… fine.

It was time to turn the key for the first time….  She fired right up, but appeared to be running really rich.  I wasn't sure if this was just an artifact of the base tune or if I had something else going on.    After working with my friend Trevor over the phone, we figured out that I did not change the default MAP sensor in the wizard which was set to 3.5 bar… ooops!    

I went in and corrected it, and re-started the car…  WOW… what a difference.  She settled in to nice smooth idle and the engine seems to rev much quicker than with the Ford PCM.

Here is a video of the startup after correcting the MAP sensor type.

Also went through the procedure of syncing all 4 cams.  They each needed about 1 degree of correction which took just a minute to set.

No tuning has been done and am running on the 100% stock base map.  Looks as though the VE is off by about 10% and the lambda correction is pulling ~10% of fuel   The car has not been driven yet, but did pull into the garage smoothly with no problem..   :D

So far, Im just shocked how nice the car idles and revs on the base map.   I should get the car on the track with a bit of luck to get some logging done.  Will report back how that goes.

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I picked up almost 50 hp by

I picked up almost 50 hp by tuning ours on our dyno over the base tune.  The ITB probably helped a lot of that, but the cam timing changes had the most effect of course, followed by some timing and map adjustments.  This was early this year, so not sure if they've made any changes to the base map.



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Hey Brian, thanks for the

Hey Brian, thanks for the reply.   Agreed, the base tune is super conservative.   Totally get why AEM does this though.   While its apparent the base tune is down on power, Im still blown away how well the car has run... even at high altitude.

Can I ask you what power and torque you made?    Man, ive seen some of the ITB setups on the Coyote and they are a thing of beauty!

On to my update.

So I've been tweaking with the Infinity over the last couple weeks.   I was getting some weird behavior when I had the fan and fuel pump wired to run at key on with a lowish battery.   I called AEM and they stated when voltage drops too low, that can be an issue.  I think they mentioned around 10v.   

I took the time to wire in the Infinity so it would control the fan and fuel pump, dual throttle maps, USB logging switch, and traction control slip % mode switch.  Since doing this and making sure my battery had a reasonable charge and I haven't had an issue since.   Im guessing the combination of the fuel pump, cooling fan, starter all hitting at once pulled the voltage to low?

Having the USB logging switch has been nice for logging without the PC and only when I am driving in a way that the logging would be useful.  The throttle map switch has been fun to play with.  Right now I have it set for a linear curve and one that is softer for the first 30-40% of throttle.

This weekend we attended a track event over in Lake Tahoe with an elevation of approximately 6000ft.  I was concerned that with such an elevation change I may have fuel mixture issues.  Drove the car while logging and the lambda feedback stayed in check so decided to chance it.   Keep in mind Im still running the base tune at this point with nothing but some tweaking of the idle PIDs.  Lambda feedback should have covered any issues, and it did.  The track event was uneventful and the car ran great.  

After we got home, I took the time to map in some more aggressive cam curves based on tunes I had been studying.   I left the timing conservative but changed the lambda to .820 under high load areas.   The VE table was unchanged from the base tune.     

Obviously changing the cam curves required big changes to the VE table.   For the most part, lambda feedback kept everything safe and showed no real sign of detonation.   Updated the VE table based on the data log so need to see how much closer we are after the next drive.

Its getting to the point where I will need to take the car to the dyno and do a VE table sweep at different throttle positions / RPM to fill in the table and make sure Im safe at full throttle in the upper RPMs.  Its pretty clear I wont be hitting 7000+ RPM under full load on the street and keeping my license...

So far, so good.  Im still really impressed with the system and how well the car ran with virtually no tuning.  With that said, AEM states very clearly the base map is for startup only...  For whatever reason at mid to full throttle below 4k RPM its either been spot on, or a tad rich on my light wieght car.   Once the cam timing changes were made the car was running lean under higher loads which was expected.  Lambda feedback kept things safe.   I can tell after the last changes we are moving in the right direction.

Still have allot of work to do for getting traction control setup with the wheel speed sensors and related challenges.


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We are very happy at the results you are seeing and its always great to hear about success stories. Too often forums are used just for fixing problems and reading your responses has been great. Thanks.

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I was going to update your

I was going to update your first post to show your linked images but a lot of them are dead.  Can you check them please?

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Hey NS..

Hey NS..

Something has changed on how google images is linking pictures.  I may have to re-host them and re-link.  I will get it changed.



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Hi Brian

Hi Brian
Let me ask you a question.
Do you keep your ford racing control pack without any mod?
So can you put your old ecu on the car and start the engine to compare?


. The car is a beauty.