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AEM Start/Stop

I've had this situation happen twice now.  Note that this is after operating the vehicle as normal for a a couple of weeks. The first time, the car wouldn't start at all.  I had to unplug the ECU and replug it to start the car.  I decided the plug the stock ECU back in.  Recently I installed intercoolers and wanted to take advantage of the cooler weather in FL so I installed the AEM back in a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday I went to shut down the car and it wouldn't do so.  I ended up stalling out the car to get it to shut off since I was in a hurry.  When I was done with my appointment, I went to start the car and it would start.  I disconnected and reconnected the battery and the car has been running fine since then.  I wanted to note that when I tried to stop the car when this occurred the dash stated that it did not detect the key.

Is this a known issue?  It seems to happen without any clue as to the issue.

I will change the ignition since its cheap but I find it odd that I have driven the car for months on the stock ecu without issues and as soon as I plug the AEM then I have the issue again.


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Thanks for posting.  No need

Thanks for posting.  No need to change the ignition, we are aware of the issue and a fix will be available in the upcoming software update. We have implemented this fix on a small handful of vehicles with the same symptoms, and it has resolved the problem in all cases.