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AEM Meth Failsafe Gauge wiring question!

Greetings! Right now I am in the process of installing the AEM V2 meth kit on my F30 BMW 340i B58. 

First time ever installing a meth kit and had few questions.

What are the yellow and blue wires for? And where are they supposed to be connected?

When it says "5A Fused Source" does that mean connect to a fusebox with a 5A fuse or utilize an inline 5A fuse?

How can I know what wire does the Grey instrument light wire connect to on the instrument panel?



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Purpose of blue and yellow

Purpose of blue and yellow wires and how to use them is covered in the instructions: https://www.aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-3020%20Water%20Methanol%20Failsafe%20Device.pdf

Your two fuse scenarios are the same.  The point is to protect the circuit with a 5A fuse. Whether the fuse is in a fusebox or inline doesn't matter.  If using an existing fuse, make sure you get power post-fuse (otherwise you'll be powered on the unprotected power feed side) but also keep in mind that an existing 5A fuse is likely already protecting something that's expected to run under 5A current so adding on another device like the failsafe gauge may push the current level closer to or above the fuse rating.

For the dimmer wire, get out your field service manual and multimeter and found a circuit that varies in voltage as you adjust the dimmer knob.  Once you identify this circuit, tap onto it with the grey wire.