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AEM meth kit wire harness extention

Geetings! I am in the process of installing the AEM V2 meth kit with the AEM meth failsafe gauge on my BMW 340i B58. The wire harness for both the failsafe gauge and meth kit don't reach the rear of the car in which the fuse box, battery and meth tank/pump are located in. Can I extend the wire harness with the same wire gauge or do I need to use thicker gauge wires? I need around 6 more feet of wire. I already extended my meth solenoid wire with the same 20 AWG wire from the engine bay all the way to the trunk. However, I am not sure about this! Also, does the meth solenoid need a 5A fuse? Cheers!

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No need for a second thread

No need for a second thread with the same question. Please stick to your original thread.

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