AEM series 2 and VVT-i for 2jzgte wiring help! | AEM
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AEM series 2 and VVT-i for 2jzgte wiring help!

My car is almost ready for the dyno I am just struggling to get VVTi working. My setup is an aristo 2JZGTE VVTi wired to an AEM v2 stand-alone. I currently have the vvti solenoid wired as follows, one wire straight to ignition switched power and the other wire running to the “PW3” pin on the Stand-alone. With “pw3 being assigned to VCT, and with VCT off in the software, my car will not stay running with the VVTi solenoid plugged in. I feel as though I am wired to the wrong pin but I am not sure. If anyone has this setup working can you please share with me the correct pin to wire it to or perhaps the setting I do not have right in the software? Thanks in advance for your time. -Tony