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AEM support and some minors problems


I have been building my rx7 for the last 13 years , and of course , i choose AEM for the EMS (series 1).
It seems to be reasonable ATM , and unbeatable price.
First I bought the old AEM wide band , then i reliace that it was impossible to match with the ECU readings
so I change it for the AEM fail safe Wide Band (No complains about this , amazing product btw)
I also bought the AEM K band 4 band pyrometer amplifier.
But back to the point.
Even i sent the ECU 3 times to AEM head quarters , still some issues with it.
For ex , I never accomplish to read the car speed on the AEM.
Then when i try to connect the pyrometer amp, to the AEM EMS (by software) it seems like it does something else cause the car start running bad.
I also have some problems trying to configure the Accel enrichment table.
I call AEM , they give me some phone number that people that can support me ( cause they don't support AEM series 1 anymore) I call them all and no body can give me support.
Will be nice if some one can answer me this ¨simple¨quiestions , so i can finish my car.
As you can imagine build a car for 13 years and when you finish it discover that the ECU don't have support anymore is not fun :(