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AEM Tru Boost and Methanol Injection

Hi there,

I've installed an aem tru boost and an aem methanol injection kit. What I have also done is attach the orange scramble boost wire to the green methanol injection boost safe wire. The logic behind this is if theres a problem with the meth, it should activate scramble boost, which is set at a 10% duty cycle for 25 seconds.

Now my question is will this work??

Secondly im also having an issue with the right side button on my tru boost gauge. It will only work when the methanol injection is switched on. The left side button works all the time, but i can only get the right side button to come on when the meth button is on. Any Ideas???

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Based on your description of

Based on your description of how the wiring was done between the two products, the scramble should work as intended for 25 seconds. Our scramble boost feature functions off a momentary trigger to implement the set duty cycle for the set timeframe. Be aware that low level fluid can and will trigger the lowside output as well.

As for your issue with the right button on the Tru-Boost gauge. The gauge itself as a component does not have anything to do with it only functioning when your water/methanol kit is ON. Both items are ON or should be ON in the ACC position of your ignition. It sounds like coincidence if you can only get it to work when your water/methanol kit is working.