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AEM UEGO EMS Series 1. Need Clip?

Hey everyone!

So I have a UEGO EMS aparently (30-1621U) for my RB20DET. I need to find the clip for the UEGO input on the side opposite the engine harness. Aparently the O2 sensor clips directly into the ecu. I have no idea how it works. I just bought an AEM UEGO wideband kit and in the directions it says I need to hook up the white wire into the Lambda pin #1 which is pin #29 in my case, but on the pinout for my ems it says 

29           |            Heated Oxygen Sensor Signal (Front RB26DETT)             |        <Lambda #1>           |         <Input>          |              <O2 #1 | N/A for UEGO EMS>"

What do I do???????