AEM v2 6100 supra mk4 single turbo A/T - regarding cruising RPM's - High RPM's or is it me? | AEM
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AEM v2 6100 supra mk4 single turbo A/T - regarding cruising RPM's - High RPM's or is it me?

Hello there,

this weekend I finally finished my AEM V2 tuning and the car turned out pretty well, considering the modifications.

I may be imagining, but I have the feeling that now the car is running at high RPM's
on the highway, than before with stock ecu.

So my car is usdm 94 TT auto, ATF build A340E with PI 3200 stall torque converter, 3.76 diff with KAAZ LSD 2 way. I am running 17 inch rims with 225/45 in the front and 275/40 nittos in the rear.

In this case my RPM's are :

60 mph - 2700 rpms
70 mph - 3200 rpms
80 mph - 3600 rmps

Please can anyone tell - this is normal RPM's ??? 

Аnother thing I noticed is that on the way to the dino (250 miles trip) the auto box held about 180 -190 F, 
but on the way back it was about 220 - 230 F - same speed,same load!

On hwy rpm's doesn't jump up with Light throttle input,like changing gear down or some thing like this.

Other test i made was - whit o/d off and cruising at 3-th gear, when i hit the o/d button rpm's goes down up to 500 rpm's.... So in this case i think my o/d is working ok. Or is there Any difference between o/d and converter locked?

Another thing is - my tunner never working on auto supra with Aem v2 before. So i download Base cal. file 01v24 firmware for tt auto from this forum and hi tune the car perfect, but hi did not touch Any of the auto box tables, coz hi don't know anything about them. May be the problem is there or not?

Sorry about stupid questions, but i am in Bulgaria now and there is not So many People to help me, probably none :)

Thanks in advance